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Electrical installation is just one part of our comprehensive residential design and construction services. Whether you are building a new home or adding value to the one you own, our focus is to help you reach your functional goals and satisfy your aesthetic sensibilities.


New Construction

We currently work with numerous residential builders and homeowners in the Houston metroplex to provide personalized solutions during construction. Conroe Empire Electric provides all electrical needs, low or high voltage, lighting, fixtures, and more. We work closely with the builders and homeowners during the home design phase and or construction to ensure all wiring is properly placed and installed before sheetrock, in order to save homeowners thousands in retro wiring and drywall fees. Conroe Empire Electric Project Management Professionals keep up with the latest trends to provide our clients the infrastructure built for the future.


Conroe Empire Electric also provides electrician and electrical contractor services for home remodeling. Whether you are doing a room addition, creating an inviting outdoor living space, adding a home theatre, or undertaking a substantial renovation of your home, you should work with an experienced, licensed professional.


Troubleshooting and Repair

Our crews of licensed electricians stand ready for any situation to help our clients trouble shoot their problems. We comprise compressive plan to help fix the problem. Safety inspections help prevent electrical hazards and emergencies. Schedule an estimate today to gain valuable advice and suggestions on ways to improve and repair your home.


Panel Repair and Replacement

Electrical panels serve two purposes – to provide electricity and safety. However, it may be difficult for many homeowners to determine if their electrical panel is safe or needs to be upgraded. Old electrical panels can be expensive, and electrical panel replacement can be costly.
Ultimately, safety for your family comes first. Here are some things you should consider about replacing the electrical panel in your home.
Generally speaking, electrical panels have a lifespan of 40-60 years. Age is not always a primary concern when looking at an electrical panel replacement. Some electrical panel brands are inherently faulty and need to be replaced with newer electrical panels that meet modern safety standards. Electrical panels that are undersized, at maximum capacity, or lack safety protection standards should be updated or replaced regardless of age.
Now, I realize that’s often easier said than done. Electrical updates are not cheap. An electrical panel replacement – or upgrade – can be a significant challenge. Recognizing the signs of aging or failing electrical panels and understanding the consequences are substantial. We will look closely at the signs an electric panel replacement is needs, identify electric panel brands that you should replace, and the costs associated with an electric panel upgrade.

NEC Code Compliance

We strictly adhere to, and comply with, the local and national electrical codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which is published by the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70). The NEC is a United States standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. While the NEC is not itself a U.S. law, the use of NEC is commonly mandated by state or local law, as well as in many jurisdictions outside of the United States. The NEC codifies the requirements for safe electrical installations into a single, standardized source. Local jurisdictions and code enforcement boards inspect for compliance with the minimum standards, as set forth in code. Conroe Empire Electric has extensively trained and licensed technicians to comply with all local and state codes.

Safe and Professional

Hiring a licensed and insured electrical contractor is extremely important for any sized job, as it safeguards your home for you and your loved ones. Our service technicians are licensed and trained to diagnosis and repair various electrical problems.

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